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Helping imperfect women bring Jesus into the everyday.

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The Well aims to be a place of truth for modern day followers of Jesus. If you're looking to go deeper in your faith and friendships, you're in the right place! 

Inspired by the Samaritan woman in John 4, we desire for you to experience your faith in a brand new way. Whether you've been following Jesus your whole life or just getting started, you can discover how He redefines what it means to truly live well.

Around here, we challenge what it means to truly live well.

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The Well Practice is an opportunity to dive deeper into your faith alongside other like-minded women. Through this 10 week small group program, you'll have everything you need to engage in challenging conversations that focus on spiritual growth, authenticity, and faith that leads to impact.

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Listen in to hear Stephanie's inspiring transformation from darkness to light. You won't believe how Jesus changed her life from satanic practices to growing in community through The Well Practice!

- noelle, participant

The Well Practice is like a therapy session where vulnerability is seen as strength, mistakes are seen as opportunity, and Christ is the center. 

Authentic community is hard to find. 

How do you dive deeper with others during the daily grind? Where can you ask hard questions and still be accepted? We knew we needed a safe space to explore our faith and find support, and we bet you do too. 

We're here to help! 

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The Well Practice relies on women stepping up to serve. Each group will need a Facilitator, a mature Christian woman who has a passion for leadership and is comfortable with facilitating a small group discussion. If you are willing to let God use you and your story to make an impact, we invite you to host your own small group!

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Success Stories


- sydnee, facilitator

It was amazing seeing women grow in their faith. It was an honour to walk alongside them and hear a perspective from all seasons of life.


Discover how The Well Practice can transform your relationship with God alongside other imperfect women.

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