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Helping imperfect women bring Jesus into the everyday.

Experience a life-changing 10 weeks through The Well Practice small group program.

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How do you go deeper with others during the daily grind? Where can you ask hard questions and still be accepted? The Well Practice creates a safe space to explore your faith, connect with other women, and find support in making Jesus part of your everyday life. 

Whether you’ve been following Jesus your whole life or just getting started, you can discover how He redefines what it means to truly live well through this signature small group program.

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The Well Practice is an opportunity to dive deeper into your faith alongside other like-minded women. Through this 10 week small group program, you'll have everything you need to engage in challenging conversations that focus on spiritual growth, authenticity, and faith that leads to impact.

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Intimate discussion, accountability, and personal reflection are masterfully woven into every lesson. Young and older women alike will emerge from The Well Practice with a deeper love for Jesus and the necessary confidence to invite and follow His leadership in their everyday lives.  

- Ken Dyck

Founder & Executive Director of Freedom Session International

praise for the well practice

What sets The Well Practice apart is that it merges both an excellent understanding of the biblical text with an astute pulse on the real environment and factors influencing today's women. It isn't easy to find discipleship material that is both well grounded biblically and authentically relevant practically.

- Jeremy Johnson

Senior Pastor of Ministries & Staff, Village Church

praise for the well practice

While guilt and shame tend to pull us away from God and others, The Well Practice helps draw women out and into greater love and belonging. I highly recommend stepping out and into The Well Practice, it will be transformational.

- Dr. Josh Kruse, PhD

Discipleship and Counselling Pastor at Village Church

praise for the well practice

The Well Practice has made a profound impact on our community. The women who embarked on this journey together saw remarkable transformation in their lives. They experienced everything from deep discipleship and liberation from idols to the cultivation of authentic community through vulnerability. Many of their relationships continue to this day!

- Cam Dailly

Campus Pastor, Rail City - CA Church

praise for the well practice

Vertical mentorship offers wisdom and insight in tandem with horizontal peer mentorship, bridging each lesson with accountability and putting into practice valuable teaching. This resource will bear fruit in the heart, mind, and soul of all those that commit to growing within this faith community.

- Anne Miranda

Pastor, Author, Speaker
former National Director of Ministries at Canadian Church Leaders Network

praise for the well practice

The Well Practice is a spectacular gateway to community, discipleship, and the abundant life Jesus offers. If you’re looking for the next step, do yourself a favour and try The Well Practice.

- Dan Gillis

Lead Pastor, Port Kells Church

Listen in on Stephanie’s transformation from the New Age movement to following Jesus. You won't believe how Jesus changed her life and brought her to The Well Practice! 

in their own words

- Lauren

The best thing that’s ever happened in my life.

in their own words

- Charissa

A program that challenges you to get real with yourself and others, leading to strengthening your faith and deepening your relationship with God.

in their own words

- Sally

It is convicting and loving in the most beautiful way possible.

in their own words

- Kathleen

A sacred and beautiful space for women to feel safe. 

in their own words

- Kayla

Real truth openly taught and shared for broken, Christian women by broken, Christian women.

in their own words

- Macaela 

Deep conversations and radical growth.

in their own words

- Leslie

This not only brought me closer to God, but also created a close community with other women who I was able to become open and vulnerable with.

in their own words

- Kassie

An eye-opening experience that makes you reflect on your past and present, as well as the importance of having God as top priority.

in their own words

- Sayla

Challenging and healing.

in their own words

- Joanna

A safe space for women to deeply discover God and unpack their faith to bring forth positive life change.

in their own words

- Rivkah

Empowered women changing each others' lives through the word, the truth, Jesus.

Authentic community is hard to find. We knew we needed a safe space to explore our faith and find support, and we bet you do, too. 

God placed the story of the Samaritan woman on our hearts, and He grew our desire for women to meet Jesus at the well for themselves – to truly understand who He is and what He has promised. 

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The Well Practice relies on women stepping up to serve. Every group needs a Facilitator with a passion for Jesus and who is comfortable facilitating a small group discussion. If you are willing to let God use you and your story to make an impact, we invite you to host your own small group!

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Success Stories


- sydnee, facilitator

It was amazing seeing women grow in their faith. It was an honour to walk alongside them and hear a perspective from all seasons of life.


Discover how The Well Practice can transform your relationship with God alongside other imperfect women.

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