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The Well Practice is an opportunity to dive deeper into your faith alongside other women. Through a 10 week program based on The Samaritan Woman at the Well, women meet in small groups led by a Facilitator and engage in challenging conversations that focus on spiritual growth, authenticity, and faith that leads to impact.

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our signature experience

10 girls’ nights that replace gossip with gospel.

  • Do you want to dive deeper into your faith alongside other women?
  • Do you struggle to maintain a daily devotional life?
  • Have you ever wished you felt closer to God?

This is your opportunity to get spiritually refreshed and learn how to truly live well according to Jesus.

The next Intake runs weekly from:
October 6th - December 8th, 2022
Thursday nights at 6:30-8:30pm
The Stand Building, 2513 Clarke St., Port Moody, BC (Ground level entrance off Spring Street.)

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What to expect


Ten nights of Conversations are framed around ten opening devotionals based on The Samaritan Woman at the Well in John 4.


Key discussion questions about faith and real life are designed to engage and go below the surface.

dig deeper

Homework questions that encourage you to reflect and dive deeper into the Word will need to be completed each week.

join the well practice

The Well Practice includes:

this is for you if:

You are a female who is looking to connect with like-minded women and dive deeper into your faith

You feel frustrated by a lack of authentic community you can relate to and solid Christian girlfriends you can actually get real with.

You want to understand the things that are preventing you from a deeper relationship with God

You aren't sure how to feel fulfilled and have lasting peace in your life

You finally want to figure out this whole Jesus thing

join the well practice

3 Things That Make This Different:

real talk

We speak with a challenging voice that stays away from “Christianese”. We encourage authenticity and vulnerability – there’s no judgment here.

real inclusivity

We view women as equal regardless of life stage. We do not identify you as either “wife” or “single.” You are more than a “mother” and you are not your “career role.” You are God’s gorgeous daughter, and you are welcome here.

real life

We are all imperfect women figuring out this whole Jesus thing. We are committed to replacing gossip with gospel and keeping it real.

The goods

what you get

10 nights of Conversations with other like-minded women

a small group led by a trained Facilitator of up to 7 others

original curriculum centered on the story of The Samaritan Woman at the Well

A hard copy of The Well Practice workbook 

10 weeks.
New friends.
Renewed faith.
Life change.

  • Meet solid Christian girlfriends you can actually get real with.
  • Gain accountability with other like-minded women.
  • Invest in your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Discover how to stay consistent with your faith.
  • Learn how to bring Jesus into your everyday life.
  • Engage in your own community through your local church.
  • Join a private Facebook Group with TWP participants and gain access to future events.

Ready for it?

the goods

join the well practice

The Well Practice is a place for authentic conversation, deep relationship, and real life transformation. It is thought-provoking and powerful. I would recommend this program to any woman who wants to get real about faith and form meaningful friendships.

The Well Practice is thought-provoking and powerful.

samantha would recommend!

This could be you....

As someone who has been attending church since before I can remember I found The Well Practice to be a refreshing, reflective journey towards a closer, more intimate relationship with God our creator and Jesus our saviour. I went into this 10 week practice thinking it would be a fun way to meet other girls on similar spiritual paths to mine and looking to make strong connections and The Well Practice did just that and much more, pulling past hurts and disappointments out of me and allowing Jesus to meet me in those dark places, surrounded by a core group of Godly women to support me each step of the journey.

The Well Practice allows you to be truly vulnerable and open in a safe space of other women seeking the same thing.

suzy found support in a safe space

I am so thankful for the women in my group who helped guide me through each conversation, for being vulnerable and loving. I have never felt so close to God or a stronger relationship with Christ. I am so thankful for this program and the women in it for pushing me to dive deeper into faith.

The Well Practice had one goal: to get me closer to God. And that’s exactly what happened.

sally grew closer to god


I needed this far more than I expected. It put me on the path to finding God and made me realize how desperately I needed to rededicate myself and my time to God.

Above all, it reminded me that being a Christian is not easy. Serving God and His Kingdom is both the hardest and most rewarding thing we will ever do. The world is a broken place and we will be broken by it if we live by the world and not by God. We are called to go out into the brokenness and share the love He freely gives. I knew all this but The Well Practice gave me the tools I needed to implement the necessary change in my own life so that I can become the woman He created. So that I can fully embrace, see, and believe that I am loved beyond any measure I could imagine. I am enough as long as I am with God.

- shannon

we can help because we've been there

but now we know how to help!

The Well Practice was created by Malissa & Nicole (hey heyy!), two girls who have been massively impacted by Jesus.

We realized there was a gap for Christian women our age, and we wanted to fill it. But more than that, we knew what WE most needed. We needed community. We needed solid Christian friendships. We were pretty much a mess.

We used to be very far from God – living life our own way, running away from pain and towards pleasure, getting into all sorts of things that seem “normal” to the world. But they were things that left us empty and broken.

Today, after experiencing God’s healing and transformative work in our lives, we are deeply dependent on Jesus and have truly never felt more at peace. We have been changed from the inside out. A relationship with Jesus can do that.

This was our story: experiencing incredible transformation from truly knowing Him. And we want the very same for you, too.

Here’s what else we know: You weren’t meant to do this alone. In order to get from where you are to where you want to be, you need to be part of an authentic community. That’s why we created The Well Practice.

- brittney



A discussion on culture & influence.

conversation 1: the loudest voice

the well practice - 10 weeks

A discussion on misplaced desires for love & validation.

conversation 2: the wells we dig

A discussion on identity and a night to share your testimony (a personal story of transformation).

conversation 3: A Broken, beautiful image

A discussion on relationships & the importance of having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

conversation 4: love stories

A discussion on the lies you believe and the titles you give yourself.

conversation 5: lies & labels

A discussion on pain and disappointment, how Jesus can relate, and what this means for you.

conversation 6: the well is deep

A discussion on living with intentionality and purpose.

conversation 7: life abundant

A discussion on the things we unknowingly worship.

conversation 8: empty worship

A discussion on having faith that actually makes an impact.

conversation 9: fruitful impact

A discussion on giving Jesus full authority and how following Him as part of your daily practice changes everything.

conversation 10: take up your cross

The Well Practice is an entirely unique signature small group program. Far from a self-guided Bible study, we do everything we can to give you the best small group experience possible. We take care of all of the logistics so all you have to do is show up. The cost for enrollment covers Facilitator training, curated workbooks, printing, group coordination, and operational expenses.

What’s the cost?

Sounds great!


limited spots available!

One-time payment of $40

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The Well Practice relies on the success of strong Facilitators at the helm of our small groups. We are looking for mature Christian women who have a passion for leadership and are comfortable with facilitating a small group discussion. If you are willing to let God use you and your story to make an impact, we invite you to apply to our Facilitator Team! 

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Discover how The Well Practice can transform your relationship with God alongside other imperfect women.

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