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Ready to be transformed in just 10 weeks?

The Well Practice is a small group program you can do anywhere with other women to dive deeper into your faith in a safe space. Together, you'll explore the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well through challenging conversations designed to meet you right where you’re at with God.

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our signature experience

10 girls’ nights that replace gossip with gospel.

  • Do you and your friends want to dive deeper into your faith? 
  • Do you wish you could connect with other like-minded women? 
  • Do you struggle to maintain a daily devotional life?
  • Have you ever wished you felt closer to God?

This is your opportunity to get spiritually refreshed and learn how to truly live well according to Jesus. You will explore 10 themes over 10 weeks with a small group of friends. Together you’ll unfold the story with new eyes as you see how much it applies to your life today. 

What to expect


Ten nights of conversations are framed around ten opening devotionals based on the Samaritan woman.


Key discussion questions about faith and real life are designed to engage and go beneath the surface.

dig deeper

Homework questions that encourage you to reflect and dive deeper into the Word will be completed each week.

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How it Works

Start your Group

4 easy steps!


Find or invite 2-6 other women to do The Well Practice with. They can be your friends, church group, community group, workplace colleagues, or anyone else!

pick your people

Choose one (or two) people to be the Facilitator, the ones to help lead and guide your discussions.

Choose a Facilitator

Decide where and when to meet, either in someone’s home or another private space. Plan to get together once a week for 2.5 hours for 10 consecutive weeks.

Not up to meeting in person? You can also do The Well Practice entirely online through your favourite video platform!

pick a place

Each participant needs a copy of The Well Practice workbook. Facilitator(s) only need to order the Facilitator Guide to lead the small group.

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Don’t have anyone to do this with? Join The Well Community Facebook Group to find other like-minded women for your small group!  

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Let's get started!

Run your Group

it's your time to shine!


The Facilitator Guide is designed to help you every step of the way! From best discussion practices, leadership tools, and step-by-step walk-throughs, this comprehensive workbook will help you make the most of each conversation.

Learn how YOU can lead a strong and well-connected small group with our online Facilitator Training course, even if you've never done this before! We'll walk you through each night of The Well Practice so you can feel confident and prepared going into each conversation.

Facilitators also get exclusive access to the Facilitator Hub, your homebase throughout the 10-week program. The Hub is a dedicated space online to equip you with valuable resources, ongoing support, and everything you need for a seamless small group experience. 



Each group needs someone to serve as the Facilitator, someone who’s comfortable to help lead and guide group discussion. We provide all the training and support needed to make your small group successful and super easy to run!  

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Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

Facilitating was not a burden, but a joy. I knew that I was to take a step of faith to invite girls from my workplace to participate in The Well Practice, and God blew me away with how He showed up. Having a front-row seat to how this tool transforms women, sets them free, and draws them to the one their souls most desire has been the greatest honour and privilege.

- Tikvah


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

I really enjoyed facilitating! I honestly came into The Well Practice very uncertain, but I was completely and totally blown away by how honest, loving, and kind the women in my group were! I learned so much from them. I am walking away being more intentional in my relationship with Jesus and my relationships with others as well.

- Christina


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

The Well Practice had me in awe. It digs in deeper where you often let things hide, and brings things to the surface where they should be. It opens your eyes to deal with the reality of purpose in your life.

- Rhianna


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

Being a Facilitator for The Well Practice was one of my most favourite things I’ve ever been able to do. There really is nothing like seeing the joy and healing that Jesus brings through authentic community. Part of me didn’t want The Well Practice to end because of how fun and good it was, but the other part is so excited to see the girls leave the group equipped with profound truth spoken into their lives to pursue a life with Jesus and share their stories with others. 

- Cassidy


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

I was absolutely blown away by the intricate way The Well Practice has been knit together. When I came into this, I honestly thought I was doing really well with God, but within a couple sessions I realized God was revealing to me things I had been blind to. 

- Alicia


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

Through this journey, I have encountered God in a whole new way and understand more of God’s character. The Well Practice is for the woman who knows God, the woman who doesn’t, the sinner, the hypocrite, the liar, the cheater, or the woman slapped with a label. The Well Practice is for every woman in every season.

- Sayla


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

The Well Practice gave me a place to be me. To lay it all down and be vulnerable with where I was at, with no pressure to be a perfect follower of Christ. My experience has solidified my faith in Jesus and shown me what it means to build a relationship with God. I have met incredible women throughout this journey that I know will continue being in my life for years to come.

- Stephanie


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

Not only did this program help deepen my relationship with Christ, it also allowed me to cheer on others as they deepened their relationships as well. Being a part of a program where you can truly get vulnerable with other women is so beneficial for the soul. By refocusing our eyes on Jesus in every area of our lives, we will thirst no more.

- Emily


Join hundreds of women experiencing life changing transformation!

The Well Practice has changed my life in the most practical ways through accountability, community and truth. These ten weeks were so intentional and fulfilling to my soul.

- Rivkah


this is for you if:

You are a female who is looking to connect with like-minded women and dive deeper into your faith.

You feel frustrated by a lack of authentic community you can relate to and solid Christian girlfriends you can actually get real with.

You want to understand the things that are preventing you from a deeper relationship with God.

You aren't sure how to feel fulfilled and have lasting peace in your life.

You finally want to figure out this whole Jesus thing.

The goods

what you get

10 Conversations crafted to meet you where you're at with God

comprehensive training and resources for facilitators

biblically-based curriculum rooted in the story of The Samaritan Woman at the Well

The Well Practice workbook mailed to your doorstep

reflective homework questions designed to deepen your faith weekly


A discussion on culture & influence.

conversation 1: the loudest voice

the well practice in 10 weeks

A discussion on misplaced desires for love & validation.

conversation 2: the wells we dig

A discussion on identity and a night to share your testimony (a personal story of transformation).

conversation 3: A Broken, beautiful image

A discussion on relationships & the importance of having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

conversation 4: love stories

A discussion on the lies you believe and the titles you give yourself.

conversation 5: lies & labels

A discussion on pain and disappointment, how Jesus can relate, and what this means for you.

conversation 6: the well is deep

A discussion on living with intentionality and purpose.

conversation 7: life abundant

A discussion on the things we unknowingly worship.

conversation 8: empty worship

A discussion on having faith that actually makes an impact.

conversation 9: fruitful impact

A discussion on giving Jesus full authority and how following Him as part of your daily practice changes everything.

conversation 10: take up your cross

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3 Things That Make This Different:

real talk

We speak with a challenging voice that stays away from “Christianese”. We encourage authenticity and vulnerability – there’s no judgment here.

real identity

We view women as equal regardless of life stage. We do not identify you as either “wife” or “single.” You are more than a “mother” and you are not your “career role.” You are God’s gorgeous daughter, and you are welcome here.

real life

We are all imperfect women figuring out this whole Jesus thing. We are committed to replacing gossip with gospel and keeping it real over a good ol’ charcuterie board.

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The Well Practice is a biblically-based curriculum rooted in the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. This powerful discipleship resource has proven to produce strong relationships and engaged women ready to turn their faith into action in their communities.  

The Well Practice can be integrated into your church in a variety of ways, including: 
  • Community Groups
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Discipleship Ministry 
  • Young Adult Ministry 
  • Events and Conferences 

Get in touch with us to receive a free Pilot Kit for your church and see firsthand how God is using The Well Practice to deepen the faith of hundreds of women. 

Bring The Well Practice to your church

deepen your discipleship

Community that lasts!

"The Well Practice is a place for authentic conversation, deep relationship, and real life transformation. It is thought-provoking and powerful. I would recommend this program to any woman who wants to get real about faith and form meaningful friendships."

The Well Practice is thought-provoking and powerful.

samantha would recommend!

This could be you....

"As someone who has been attending church since before I can remember, I found The Well Practice to be a refreshing and  reflective journey towards a closer, more intimate relationship with God. This experience pulled out past hurts and  disappointments and allowed Jesus to meet me in those dark places, surrounded by a core group of Godly women to support me each step of the journey."

The Well Practice allowed me to be truly vulnerable and open in a safe space.

suzy found support

"I am so thankful for the women in my group who helped guide me through each conversation and for being so vulnerable and loving. I have never felt so close to God or had a stronger relationship with Christ. I am so thankful for this program and the women in it for pushing me to dive deeper into my faith."

The Well Practice had one goal: to get me closer to God. And that’s exactly what happened.

sally grew closer to god


I needed this far more than I expected. It put me on the path to finding God and made me realize how desperately I needed to rededicate myself and my time to God.

"Above all, it reminded me that being a Christian is not easy. Serving God and His Kingdom is both the hardest and most rewarding thing we will ever do. The world is a broken place and we will be broken by it if we live by the world and not by God. We are called to go out into the brokenness and share the love He freely gives. I knew all this, but The Well Practice gave me the tools I needed to implement the necessary change in my own life so that I can become the woman He created me to be. So that I can fully embrace, see, and believe that I am loved beyond any measure I could imagine. I am enough as long as I am with God."

- shannon

Participant         Spotlight

our story

Well hey there!

We're Malissa & Nicole, creators of The Well Practice

We realized there was a gap for Christian women our age, and we wanted to fill it. But more than that, we knew what WE most needed. We needed community. We needed solid Christian friendships. We were pretty much a mess.

We used to be very far from God – living life our own way, running away from pain and towards pleasure, getting into all sorts of things that seem “normal” to the world. But they were things that left us empty and broken.

Today, after experiencing God’s healing and transformative work in our lives, we are deeply dependent on Jesus and have truly never felt more at peace. We have been changed from the inside out. A relationship with Jesus can do that.

This was our story: experiencing incredible transformation from truly knowing Him. And we want the very same for you, too. You weren’t meant to do this alone. In order to get from where you are to where you want to be, you need to be part of an authentic community. That’s why we created The Well Practice.

- brittney


10 weeks.
New friends.
Renewed faith.
Life change.

  • Connect with solid Christian girlfriends you can actually get real with
  • Gain accountability with other like-minded women
  • Invest in your personal and spiritual growth
  • Discover how to stay consistent with your faith
  • Learn how to bring Jesus into your everyday life

Ready for it?

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do you offer a digital version of the workbooks?

Only physical copies of The Well Practice workbooks are available for purchase.

what is the group format each week?

Each night consists of a simple 3 part structure: Devotional, Discuss, and Dig Deeper.

Devotional: Your group will read through a short story based on the Samaritan Woman in John 4 to set up each night’s conversation. Each story is centered around a different topic.

Discuss: The majority of the evening consists of interactive discussion questions designed to go below the surface. Discussions are relevant to different life stages, struggles, relationship statuses, or denominations.

Dig Deeper: Following each discussion, you will have reflective homework questions to complete on your own that are designed to deepen your faith weekly. 

is the well associated with a denomination?

We are a non-denominational organization and welcome all faith backgrounds. We take the authority of Scripture very seriously, and we encourage you to read our Statement of Faith.

Can The Well Practice be done virtually? 

Yes, absolutely! The Well Practice is an incredible virtual experience - all you need to do is order the workbooks and choose your favourite video streaming platform for your small group! The Facilitator Training course will also provide more information on how to run your small group online.

Am I too old to take The Well Practice? Will it still apply to me?

The Well Practice is intentionally designed to be applicable to all women at every stage of life. Regardless of whether you’re still in high school or enjoying your retirement, you will find depth, hope, and reflection that deeply resonates with everyone. 

I don’t have anyone to do The Well Practice with. What should I do? 

The Well Practice can be run with you and just two other women - is there anyone you could consider inviting from your school, workplace, or church to do this with you? If you can’t think of anyone, join The Well Community Facebook Group to find other like-minded women for your small group!  

what's the time commitment?

There are 10 consecutive conversations in The Well Practice. Your group will meet once a week for 2.5 hours. We ask that all Participants commit to attending all 10 sessions and come to each night with their homework completed. Homework should take between 1 – 2 hours per week. You get out what you put into it! 

i have already taken the well practice. Can I take it again?

Absolutely! The Well Practice is designed to be relevant no matter what season of life you’re in. The questions are intentionally designed to be answered in hundreds of different ways and there are no right answers. Whether you take it two or ten times, you will have a different experience every time.

what is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the workbook content, all purchases are non-refundable.